Media Consent Form

I understand by checking "Yes, I do" above,  I grant Cottey College permission to use my photograph and/or record my likeness and voice using audio, photographic, digital or any other medium (collectively referred to as “the recordings”) for promotional purposes in college publications, advertising, social media, video, webpages, or in other formats. 
The College may use my name in connection with these recordings and/or press releases.  I am fully aware that my likeness may appear in materials available to students, parents, faculty or staff of Cottey College, and individuals outside of the Cottey College community.  
I understand that I waive the right to inspect or approve the finished images or other content, including advertising copy or printed matter, in which they may be used. I acknowledge that all rights, title and interest to the recordings will belong to Cottey College. 
I also understand that any distribution of the images will be fully compliant with Cottey College policies, statements and values.    
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